Due to their highly tuned audio senses, Bith are often sought after as musicians across the galaxy. They also have great reputations as starship merchanics and scientists.


  • Health:  +0
  • Strength  +0
  • Constitution: +250
  • Action:  +250
  • Quickness:  +300
  • Stamina:  +0
  • Mind:  +100
  • Focus:  +0
  • Willpower:  +0

Bith Species Features

  • Wound Healing (Dancing):  +25
  • Wound Healing (Music):  +25
  • Battle Fatigue Healing (Dancing):  +25
  • Battle Fatigue Healing (Music):  +25

Bith are highly advanced craniopods from the planet Clak'dor VII, in the Colu system, Mayagil sector. The Bith are so evolved that their ancestral predecessors are impossible to determine. The Bith have become totally dependent on technology, having long since lost all their animalistic traits and instincts. Bith have atrophied senses of aggression, concentrating their energies into art, music and technology. The reproductive organs of the Bith have atrophied and are useless. Bith reproduction is handled through technology. Prospective parents donate DNA samples to a Computer Mating Service (CMS), which then uses a complex computer program to produce a CP, or child pattern, displaying what possible children would look like from different mates. The Bith decide which child pattern appeals to them the most, and the CMS bonds the two DNA patterns to produce a child. A year later, CMS delivers a child to the new Bith parent.

The Bith have evolved past the need for routine sleep, unless sufficiently exhausted. The epidermal folds around their mouths collect molecules for olfactory analysis. Bith have a single lung, which draws in oxygen, strips each molecule of the necessary gases, and expels the waste gases through the skin. The Bith eye is very advanced, capable of focusing on microscopic detail. Their sense of hearing is so acute that they perceive the tonal qualities of sound in much the same way other species perceive color. As such, Bith musicians are noted for their virtuoso skills and complex musical arrangements.

Centuries ago, conflict erupted when two Bith cities, Nozho and Weogar, were competing for a patent on a stardrive. The end result of the conflict was biological warfare that wiped out 90 percent of Nozho's population, and transformed the garden world of Clak'dor VII into a monster-filled wasteland. The war crippled their technological centers, and the Bith had to turn to imported devices to help sustain their society. The Bith hermetically sealed their cities, and retreated from the growing wilds of their planet.

During the Separatist crisis, the Bith attempted to remain neutral to the conflicts splitting the galaxy. As more and more neighboring systems seceded, the Bith were eventually persuaded to support the Separatists in their cause.