Launch into LOK Space, autopilot to the POI.

Door codes:

11500, 10089, 00851, 06039, 20042, 61255, 57395, 98337, 42735, 68783


Bespin Dungeon - Hidden Detainment Facility

Located at -17, 200 on the planet Bespin. Players must use the corner of the fence and run down the wall to the bottom. Entrance is the only building at the bottom.

Bespin Dungeon - Hidden Detainment Facility

Cave of Sher'Kar

The Cave of Sher'Kar is located at waypoint 810, 1290 on Mustafar.

The Cave of Sher'Kar

Corellian Corvette

Follow link below for more information on this instance.

The Corellian Corvette

Deathwatch Bunker (DWB)

Located on Endor at waypoint -4692, 4344

Note: You need to speak to Boba Fett located in Jabba's Throne Room before you can gain access to Death Watch Bunker. Boba Fett will give you the first "Passkey" which is used on the structure terminal at the entrance. If you're in a group, only one person needs a Passkey at each security door to give access to the entire group.


Deathwatch Stronghold (DWS)

Instant Travel NPC located outside Mos Eisley Cantina on Tatooine 3482, -4845


Echo Base Instance and Point of Interest

The instance droid is located at -433, -956 on Hoth

Echo Base

Geonosian Cave

The Geonosian Cave is located at -6450, -360 on Yavin IV.

GEO Caves

HK-47 - World Boss

Spawns at 3487, -1005 on the planet of Mustafar. 

HK-47 - World Boss


Instant Travel NPC located outside Mos Eisley Cantina 3482, -4845 on Tatooine.


IG-88 Droid Factory - Instance

The IG-88 Droid Factory Instance is located at waypoint -7677, 3511 on Lok.

IG-88 Droid Droid Factory Instance

Imperial Garrison - PVP Zone

Located at -5122, -2398 on Kaas.

Inquisitor Jerec


Located at theTatooine Space Point of Interest - Black Sun Star Destoyer.


Jedi Master Thiel - World Boss

Located at -545, 3699 on Tatooine.

Jedi Master Thiel

Lake Rose Banshee

Now located at 5499, 1347 on Endor.

Lake Rose Banshee

Main Bespin Dungeon

Main (1 of 2) Bespin Dungeon Instances. This entrance is located at -136, -16 on the planet Bespin just outside the middle starport.

Main Bespin Dungeon

Marka Ragnos - World Boss

Located at  -1339, -869 on the planet Moraband.

Marka Ragnos - World Boss

Minstyngar World Bosses

Random spawns throughout the planets Endor and Kashyyyk.

MK-II Imperial Guardian Prototype (Amee / Robotic Dog) Boss

Located at waypoint  -5970, 5780 on the planet Jakku. The spawn is in the middle of the Rebel / Imperial Jakku Ship Graveyard Battlefield.

MK-II Imperial Guardian Prototype (Amee / Robotic Dog) Boss

Rebel Cave - PVP Zone

Located at 3347, 2581 on Kaas

Jedi Master Qu Rahn

Talus Prison Outbreak

There is currently no content at this location.

Twin Sabers

The entrance to the Twin Sabers Cavern is at -2600, -5523 on Tatooine.

Twin Sabers Instance

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