"Welcome to Bloodfin my young friend.. it appears you can see me, or else you wouldnt be talking to me." I would like to tell you of the world you have just entered.. full of conflict that would break your heart, twist your senses, and drown your soul in sorrow.. The death of my former lover Satine was the most heartbreaking for me. She was not around at the time when the war started, yet she died for a cause not her own.. but she knew, as do you.. good must triumph over evil! Your path lays ahead of you young one, you might want to look at the Bloodfin Wiki to get a focus on whats out there  or you can get start by just following a few Citizens, see what they are doing, even form a group and do things together. Second, we have the ever elusive Bloodfin Coins. They are accepted Galaxy wide as currency at many vendors. The largest number located in Coronet on Corellia. There you can buy many items using the Bloodfin Coins that can be found on various mobs around the galaxy. I happen to have a few items too, if you want to have a look. The next step is yours my friend, and it will be an exciting one. Welcome to Bloodfin!



CNET Corellia

-153 -4715

He holds Paintings from the 1st Bloodfin Painting Contest 2015  The winner was The Saga Painting.

5 Bloodfin Coins

  • The Saga Painting
    • The Saga Bloodfin Paingint Contest 2015
    • Attack Bloodfin Painting Contest 2015
    • Wookie on Patrol Bloodfin Painting Contest 2015
    • Shattered Solstice Bloodfin Painting Contest 2015
    • A Day with Fo-Fi
  • Attack Painting
  • Wookie on Patrol Screenshot
  • Shattered Solstice Screenshot
  • A Day with Fo-Fi
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