As the Galactic Civil War Rages on, The Empire and the Rebellion look to hold as much ground as they can. Restuss, Rori continues to be one of the most active and desirable locations. Now, these factions have a chance to claim control points to strengthen their hold in Restuss and the surrounding area. But these factions need builders, crafters, weapons smiths, armor smiths, and anyone who specializes in crafting.

Restuss now contains 3 capture able points, Pylons, that any player can interact with, claim for their faction, or sabotage a pylon controlled by another faction to later claim. These Pylons can be used to create faction troops to help your team fend off attacks. Heres where crafting comes in:

-Each Crafting Profession will be able to spawn and upgrade the troops in various ways based of their profession. Armor, Weapons, HAM and more (please note, while a troop is currently active, pylon cannot be accessed or upgrades made to the troops, you must pick all your upgrades before spawning).

-Each time a crafter preforms an upgrade to the troops, they will receive GCW experience to be spent in the GCW trees.

-Smugglers can slice the pylons to add extra benefits to the team such as GCW XP Bonus (requires Flow Analyzer Node) and also yields Smuggle Slicing XP.

-Master artisan is the prerequisite to be able to use these Pylons as a crafter. Having at least the novice box of a desired crafting professions will yield benefits to each upgrade. Novice box vs master box of the profession will make a difference including upgrade times. Master boxes will cut upgrade times in half!

-Players of opposite faction can sabotage the Pylons which will remove upgrades one at a time all they way on to where they can take the Pylon for themselves.

-Crafters must possess GCW Crafting Tools and the specific resources unique to this system.

-In order to obtain these items, players must speak with the "GCW Crafting Representative" at 5199, 5772 Rori, inside Restuss, to complete a once daily (First of its Kind!) quest and purchase.

-Each consecutive day you visit this Npc, you will gain extra resources. Day 1 starts at 500 and you will receive 100 additional resources per day up to a cap of 2000. (Note that if you miss a full day cycle, it will reset to day 1).

-This is a PvP zone, bring combat friends to help maintain control of the Pylons and protect their crafters. Anyone can capture and sabotage the Pylons, Only crafters can build and upgrade.

- As time goes on, players will be able to start placing defensive walls and upgrade able turrets to build the base up to it maximum potential to defend the pylon and turn the tides in PvP. There will also, eventually, be a crafting mini game that may grant special loot upon upgrading or slicing the Pylons

This Is Just The Beginning!

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