GEO Caves

-6450 -360 Yavin IV


  • Fire Spider
  • Baby Acklay
  • NS Clone
  • Experimental Rancor
  • Higjib
  • Acklay

Fire Spider

(10-15min respawn) - Easily Solo able with any melee class, non-jedi are better then jedi for farming this.


  • Spider Vemon ( Power Ranges from 90 (min) to around 480ish (max)
  • Geo cubes Yellow//White//Green
  • Experimental Geo Motors (Range from 70-120)

Mini Acklay

(15min Respawn) - Soloable for non-jedi Stackers pike/swords work well as always.


  • Acklay Bones roll range min/max 90-357ish
  • Experimental DE-10
  • Experimental Light Lightning Cannon

Experimental NS Clone

(5-10 mins respawn)- Best soloable as Jedi, non-jedi can but she rock's a stun bat as well as dizzy/posture change down.


  • Stun Baton (Roll Range around 150-350min to 650ish max)
  • Experimental Vibro Lance ( dmg is crap, but they can roll with amazing dots)
  • Experimental Vibro Knucklers (same as lance, mostly used for dots)
  • Other random loots Crystals, NS Vibro Units, NS Armor Layers/Shards.


(15-20min Respawn) - Best Soloable as either a Pikes or Swordsmen, This guy does alot of damage to jedi due to his bleed and hitting every second. best to have 2xxx medic to remove bleeds on non jedi toon.


  • Geo Cubes
  • Geo Motors
  • Half Digested Helm (Rolls 45-55% LS res. Heavy armor Helm)
  • Granades
  • Rancor Teeth


(25-30min Respawn) - Can be solo'd by a jedi (will take you an hour). Best group comp is two swordsmen hybrids, and 1 jedi healer. You can keep him Diz/Kd most of the fight.


  • Higjib Crystals
  • 1/2 Digested Helms
  • Geo Cubes
  • All the experimental weapons
  • Jedi Neck of the Force
  • Jedi Ring of the Force


(15-20min Respawn) - Best killed by swordsmen for kenetic damage 2h swords. Jedi take a ton of damage due to his 15m AoE.


  • RIS Schematics
  • Acklay Bones (90 to 357 roll ranges)
  • Acklay Venoms (500 to 1500 power range)
  • Bone Armor Schematic
  • Geo Motors // Geo Cubes
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