Galactic Civil War (GCW)

Restuss Expansion

Restuss, Rori has been, and continues to be, a war zone occupied by the Emperor's Hand. As the Galactic Civil War continues, more grabs at power and territory have led both the Rebel Alliance and the Empire to send more reinforcements.
All players are called upon to help your faction take control of Restuss, where you will face all new enemies, including new factional bosses. Defeating these enemies will benefit players of all walks of life, from the hardcore PvPers to the crafters.
You will face: -9 completely new bosses of different difficulty and faction.
-3 Imperial
-3 Rebel
-3 Neutral/attackable by either faction
-Dynamic spawns and spawn rotations (you won't know who you'll find to fight)
-Dynamic spawn timers ( no more watching the clock, things could be spawning at any time)
-Dynamic spawn locations ( you'll have to find where the boss(s) are forming their ranks at)
-Dynamic loot groups
-And an over all new PvP and PvE Restuss experience
-New questlines soon to be added to obtain faction items and perks.

Grab your friends and prepare for battle. PvP'ers and PvE'rs alike will want to stand with their faction and take part.

GCW Crafting and Pylon Control Points

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