The Gran are easily distinguished by their triple eyestalks. They have hircine faces, small horns, and a jutting jaw-line.

Gran were a sentient humanoid species native to the planet Malastare. Identifiable by their three eyes and goat-like snouts, Grans also had small antennae-like nubs on the tops of their head and thick, bulky hands. Members of this species included the Podracer pilot Mawhonic,the Galactic Republic senators Ask Aak, Philo, and Kharrus, as well as the criminal Ree-Yees, who worked for Jabba the Hutt.


  • Health: +100
  • Strength: +100
  • Constitution: +100
  • Action: +100
  • Quickness: +100
  • Stamina: +100
  • Mind: +100
  • Focus: +100
  • Willpower: +100

Gran Species Features

  • Group Melee Defense: +5
  • Group Ranged Defense: +5
  • Group Burst Run Efficiency: +10
  • Group Terrain Negotiation: +10

The peaceful Gran have been active members of galactic society for ages. With colonies on Malastare and Hok, the Gran have spread to several planets. In the twilight years of the Republic, a Gran delegation represented Malastare in the Galactic Senate. Among its members were Senators Aks Moe, Ainlee Teem and Ask Aak.

The Gran are easily distinguished by their triple eyestalks. They have hircine faces, small horns, and a jutting jaw-line.

The Gran have maintained a peaceful civilization on their homeworld of Kinyen for over ten millennia. Their society is evenly balanced, and a strict program of career quotas ensures that every Gran is trained for a specific job that best serves his or her talents. While advocates of free will would criticize such a rigid social system, to a Gran it is not only logical but essential. A typical Gran places the betterment of society above the betterment of self, and is keenly aware of his or her role in the bigger picture.

About a thousand years ago, the Gran began expansionary efforts that saw colonies erected on Hok and Malastare. This left large holes in their delicately balanced society, and the politicians on Kinyen reacted with isolationism, preventing any Gran from leaving Kinyen without permission and not allowing offworlders into their population centers. The Gran colonies continued independently, and while they too exhibited the strong social bonds found on Kinyen, the loosened social codes allowed for corruption and graft in the upper echelons of Gran society. The Gran Protectorate of Malastare was particularly disreputable in its treatment of the indigenous Dug population.

Those Gran are unusual, as most members of the species are peaceful, amiable beings content to adapt to difficult situations. Gran are keenly aware of each other's emotions, being able to judge disposition through subtle changes of body heat and skin color. Gran are very loyal, and need to be with someone for companionship. A Gran left alone will go insane or die of loneliness.

The Gran have excellent vision, able to resolve more colors than most species. Gran have multiple stomachs, having evolved from herbivorous ungulates.