Harvester Macros

to make your life easier, here coming some helpful macros


/setpermission admin NAME /*Sets a other player on the Adminlist /pay xxxxx /*pays maintenance for the Harvester which is selected /addp xxxx /*add Energy to the Harvester /nameStructure CoolName /*sets a Name to your Harvester /pause x /*pauses your macro /stucturestatus /*shows the Structurestatus /harvesterDiscard /*discard a Harvester (Ressources are lost) /destroyStructure /*destroy a Structure

\#FF8C00MYHARVESTERNAME\#ffffff colors your name FF8C00 is hexcolorcode for Orange. Other colors you can find at the top of this page.

1. Setup a New Harvester

Macro: SetNewHarvester /setpermission admin MyMainCharName; /nameStructure \#FF8C00MYHARVESTERNAME\#ffffff;

2. Pay Maintenance

Macro: PayPersonal1Day /pay 720; /addp 600; /pause 2; /structurestatus;

3. Destroy Harvester

Macro: KillHarvester /harvesterDiscard; /destroyStructure;

Useful Data:

Maintenance rates for Harvester / Day : Personal Harvester: 720 Credits / 600 Power Medium Harvester: 1440 Credits / 1200 Power Heavy Harvester: 2160 Credits / 1800 Power

Written By:Tameli Starrider