Humans are a species of bipedal beings with bilateral symmetry native to the planet Coruscant. They were commonly encountered throughout the galaxy, from the bountiful planet of Naboo to the desert world of Tatooine. They were known to engage in many different pursuits, from politics to bounty hunting. Some species that bore structural resemblance to humans were referred to as "humanoids."


  • Health: +100
  • Strength: +100
  • Constitution: +100
  • Action: +100
  • Quickness: +100
  • Stamina: +100
  • Mind: +100
  • Focus: +100
  • Willpower: +100

Human Species Features

  • Leadership: +10
  • Artisan Experimentation: +15

Entertainers are mostly human because many find the other species physically unattractive.

Humans are well-rounded characters because their attributes are distributed evenly. Their ingenuity and intelligence makes them well-suited for any number of professions.

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