Ishi Tib are a species of sentient, humanoid amphibians from the planet Tibrin. They have green skin, large eyes that extended from angular stalks on either side of their skull, and a beak-like mouth. Among the Ishi Tib, opening one's beak without a sound was the equivalent of a human frown. The Ishi Tib are a species of humanoid bipeds with star-shaped heads. Their bulbous eyes form two of the star's points, their pointed cheeks another two, and their bird-like beaks form the fifth and final



  • Health:  +100
  • Strength:  +100
  • Constitution:  +100
  • Action:  +100
  • Quickness:  +100
  • Stamina:  +100
  • Mind:  +100
  • Focus:  +100
  • Willpower:  +100

Ishi Tib Species Features

  • Defense Vs Dizzy:  +10
  • Defense Vs Knockdown:  +5
  • Pistol Accuracy:  +10
  • Pistol Accuracy While Moving:  +5
  • Pistol Aiming:  +5

The Ishi Tib can be found throughout the galaxy, and during the Galactic Civil War, they were allied to the Rebellion. Several Ishi Tib delegates were present at the crucial Alliance briefing prior to the Battle of Endor.

Ishi Tib are aquatic beings from the planet Tibrin. They have never lost their aquatic traits from their evolution in the seas; they have lungs that double as internal gills, and they require immersion in briny water every 30 hours before their skin becomes too dry, cracks and bleeds. Ishi Tib are patient, thoughtful beings who are not prone to rash acts. Nonetheless, they are fiercely dedicated, completing any task they begin. Ishi Tib are ferocious fighters, especially when cornered. Offworld Ishi Tib are known for their devotion to nature, and for their excellent managerial skills.

Ishi Tib evolved from bony fish in the shallow waters near the coral reefs of Tibrin. They eventually tamed the seas, domesticating or killing all the dangerous predators. Ishi Tib live in communal groups, in harmony with the nature of their planet. They raise their young as a group, and the young hatchlings never know who their parents are.

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