At some point, everyone is going to need a medic!

Medic Professions

  • Doctor
  • Combat Medic
  • Bio-Engineer

Skill Points

This profession requires 77 skill points to master.

Base Skills


The first branch of medic highlights the defensive role of the medic. It involves the first level of health buffs and also gives the ability to cure some states. This branch leads to Doctor.


The middle two branches highlight the healing aspect of the medic profession. Along with these two tree you will earn several healing actions along with skill mods to increase their effectiveness. Both Doctor and Combat Medic require their own healing branch.

Medicine Crafting

The last branch of Medic deals with crafting low-end med pacs. While they are no longer required to heal, they do increase the efficiency of a medic's healing power. This branch leads to Bio Engineer.

Skill Mods

  • Augmentation Efficiency
  • Bio-Supression Efficiency
  • Healing Efficiency
  • Medical Assembly
  • Medical Experimentation