Open world player-versus-player combat has always been one of the biggest things that has made Bloodfin Server - Bloodfin. With often massive city fights or in player cities attempting base busting it is always great! Players come from all over and many different fighting styles and techniques to have each other's necks!

Bloodfin offers some of the best Jedi that have ever lived amongst them.... but at the same time - the best Bounty Hunter's that have ever existed as well!

Bloodfin hosts a unique bounty system for players to take part in. The standard bounty hunter terminal / mission style is still active from live game but once a player is killed in outside combat (outside of BH'ing that is - in factional combat) a option to place a bounty on the killing player's head is given. If the player chooses to spend the credits on the placed bounty, the Bounty Hunter's Guild rewards you with a generous gift.

Come try your might and foe against your fellow Bloodfinner!

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