Most players suggest that this is not a profession you can just dabble in. Better to master it to get all the nice bonuses to rifle speed and such. Some refer to the profession as the "wizard" class of SWG, due to the ranged form of attack and the inability to wear good armor while keeping up with special shots. His melee defenses are rather weak, so if the enemy comes too close there is trouble. Firing from the prone position gives nice accuracy bonuses, but in that posture the rifleman is extremely vulnerable. This is why it is a good idea to pick up a melee or some kind of other tanking profession. It is a viable PvP profession also.

The Rifleman is an expert at long distance damage (note that one objective of the Combat Upgrade is to raise the range of combat from the current 64 meter maximum). Riflemen have a few support abilities to help them in this role including abilities to conceal themselves and keep opponents at a distance for a short while. Once an opponent has closed the distance however the Rifleman is extremely vulnerable.

Skill Points

This profession requires 92 skill points to master, 29 points of which go towards prerequisites.

Role Summary

  • Primary Role - Long Range Damage Specialist
  • Secondary Role - Long Range Crowd Control
  • Offense - Very Strong
  • Defense - Minimal
  • Crowd Control - Moderate


Sniping Accuracy

The rifleman learns to hit more accurately by spending XP in this branch.


This branch gives general ability to hide, also grants Conceal Shot which makes the prey confused by not knowing where the shot came from. Later the Sneak ability is gained which enables the rifleman to crawl while in Cover.

Rifle Special Abilities

This branch requires combat XP instead of Rifle XP and grants rifle speed bonuses.


The rifleman gets a lot more general ranged defense developing this branch. This branch also contains the final rifle certification for the DXR-6b Rifle.

Skill Mods

  • Block
  • Cover
  • Devense vs Blind
  • Defense Vs Dizzy
  • Devense Vs Posture Change (up)
  • Devense Vs Stun
  • Melee Defense
  • Ranged Defense
  • Rifle Accuracy
  • Rifle Accuracy Whle Moving
  • Rifle Aiming
  • Rifle COncealment Chance
  • Rifle Speed