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Hello and Welcome to Bloodfin, a Star Wars Galaxies EMU server! Crafting and resources is done the old fashioned way. Jedi content is wide open, and Jedi are unlocking every day. We have JTL Basic Flight !! Atmospheric and Space ! We have incorporated many NGE perks into our Pre CU code, such as BARC Speeders, NGE Trade Card Game Houses, and having the ability to buff without a Hospital/cantina. We are a true custom, best-of-both worlds EMU Server. Unique Boss fights, world encounters, and GCW items abound; the Force Ranking PvP system is LIVE on the server.

Interim Method for Bloodfin Setup

We have implemented a temporary method for getting your client/game set up and allowing you to join us on the BloodfinPhoenix Server. Presently, there are two provided methods you can utilize to get a full game client that is pre-configured for BloodfinPhoenix; they are available to you via the following download links:


decryption key - N5KMERqOKpM7Ad3RH9orVAMt8IxnXu9d0GPjQfeFtog



Players report an easier time with link 2;

Once download, use Winrar (https://www.rarlab.com) to extra the entire contents to desired location. Once done, open the folder and run Bloodfin.exe. You can also take this time to open the BloodfinEMU_Setup exe in order to pre-configure the client to your preferences.

Facebook and Discord

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  • Discord

The 1 and only Official Bloodfin Discord. https://discord.gg/uYVzNkf

please make sure to check for name color, and profile number to verify you are speaking to the right Staff Member.

Roses#2218 and Heat#7170 are the ONLY profiles for Discord we have.

Any questions, please feel free to DM us or send an email: Roses@bloodfin.net or Heat@bloodfin.net