The Singing Mountain Clan was a Dathomiri Witch clan village located near the Singing Mountain on Dathomir and a bitter rival of the Nightsister clan. Its leader was Augwynne Djo. Gethzerion used to be part of this clan before she was exiled.


  • Health:  +100
  • Strength:  +100
  • Constitution:  +100
  • Action:  +100
  • Quickness:  +100
  • Stamina:  +100
  • Mind:  +100
  • Focus:  +100
  • Willpower:  +100

Singing Mountain Clan Species Features

  • Additional Pets:  +1
  • Taming Wild Creatures:  +5
  • Taming Vicious Creature:  +5
  • Max Level of Pets:  +10
  • Stored Pets:  +4
  • Healing Range:  +10
  • Ranged Injury Treatement Speed:  +10
  • Combat Medicine Use:  +10

They are bitter rivals to the Dark Side wielding Nightsister clan. Both groups tame  rancors for mounts, have a deep hatred for the Empire because of the Dathomir blockade, and both groups keep male slaves. The Singing Mountain sisters are Light Side Force users, but could hardly be called "good."

The NGE removed the Clanwomen's Force Powers and more dangerous melee abilities such as bleed attacks. With Pub 29 force powers have been reintroduced, making them far more dangerous, and much more fun. As always, many varieties deathblow and it is a long, long way between cloning facilities on Dathomir. With the AI improvements in publish 29, deathblows are more random - sometimes a foe will slay you, at other times, only incapacitate you.

A series of quests relating to the sisters can be started at the Singing Mountain Clan Cave on Dathomir.

There are many types of Singing Mountain sisters roaming the plains and forests of Dathomir. Some of the more common types are detailed below.

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