Squad Leader

The Squad Leader skill tree is littered with various group benefits, from increased defense to improved terrain negotiation. These modifiers are applied to all individuals in a group led by a Squad Leader, including the SL (though they do not apply when the SL is ungrouped).

A Squad Leader's power shows through the bonuses they are able to bring to their group members. Squad Leaders have many various abilities to improve the coordination and effectiveness of their group. Even outside of a group the Squad Leader is a decent combatant, but their offensive and defensive capabilities are only average with no special abilities setting them aside.

Skill Points

This profession requires 121 skill points to master, 58 points of which go towards prerequisites.

Role Summary

  • Primary Role - Group Enhancement Specialist
  • Secondary Role - Medium Range Combatant
  • Offense - Moderate
  • Defense - Moderate
  • Crowd Control - Moderate