Applications are currently OPEN for CSR spots. Please follow the rules for submitting your application. ONLY those submitted in the proper fashion will be looked over.

EMAIL your application to the Application Email at

If you have previously submitted an application please resubmit a new one since the application has slightly changed.

Staff Application Full Name and Age

Do you use the Bloodfin Discord? If Yes, what is your username and user number (i.e. eXcentric2000)

The Bloodfin Server has been around for a very long time and been through a lot of changes. How long have you played on the Bloodfin Servers?

What is your online gaming experience?

Have you ever held any type of Staff position in any of those games? If so, what titles did you hold and for how long?

Have you ever been banned or suspended from an online game? If so, what was the infraction?

What are your hours of availability to be online with your Staff toon and what Time Zone are you in?

What is your in-game name?

What position are you applying for? (Discord Moderator, CSR)?

What is your facebook name? In the event that you are hired we would need to add you to the page moderators list.


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