Applications are currently OPEN for CSR spots. Please follow the rules for submitting your application. ONLY those submitted in the proper fashion will be looked over.

EMAIL your application to the DEV email

If you have previously submitted an application please resubmit a new one since the application has slightly changed.

Staff Application
1) Your name / age
2) In game name please so we can check for any violations against account
3) Do you have a forum account? If so what is your name?
4) Do you have ventrilo and a working mic?
5) How long have you played on Bloodfin? use /getvet for current account , also if on Bloodfin prior to April 18, 2015 how long?
6) What is your online gaming experience?
7) Have you ever held any type of staff position in any of those games? If so, what and for how long?
8) What are your hours of availability to be online as your staff toon and what time zone?
9) What qualities do you feel you have that would be a good fit for membership on Staff?
10) Have you ever been banned from an online game? Why?
11) Do you know anything about C++ ?
12) Do you have the ability to also monitor Facebook for questions, concerns, problems?
13) Are you familiar with our rules/policies and where to find them?
14) Why do you wish to be part of our Bloodfin staff?
15) What are you expectations of being on staff?
16) What is the most important thing to do as a staff member?
17) Please tell us anything else you would like us to know about yourself
18) Please tell us anything that you feel needs to be improved upon in Bloodfin
19) Do you have any guild affiliation? if so what guild?
20) This is a typical scenario you may come across. 1 person comes to you and complains that another person stole their kill. How would you respond to this, as the only CSR on?
21) A player has just come to you and said that another player stole items from a house they both had Admin too. How would you deal with this situation?
22) Secret word to verify you to the DEV team prior to any files and or rights being given out to you
23) Which position are you applying for?

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