Having problems stat migrating the new races and ithorians? Here is your fix.

As far as i know only 3 races are having problems with stat migrations right now Ithorians, Hutts and Nautolans.


Their focus can go lower than 400, you can set it on 300 to be exact. *Note this is not for everyone, some people create an ithorian and their focus cant go lower than 400, you dont have problems stat migrating either* Fix: Just set focus to 400, then the stat migrate will stick.


Bigger issue, Nautolans can set their Strength, Constution, quickness and stamina to 300. Dont, it will not stick. and their lowest willpower is 700. Fix: Set Strength, constitution, quickness and stamina to 400, then it will stick so the best you can do looks like this 850 health 400 Strength 400 Constitution 850 Action 400 Quickness 400 Stamina 1000 Mind 400 Focus 700 Willpower This will stick, have fun


Dont even try to stat migrate, since they have 5k health and 5k action When you stat migrate, all these points will be converted and theres no place to actually spend them. my best call is, roll a medic, he has 1.1k mind and well have fun with that. If you know more species that have problems, just let me know and i will figure it out in a few minutes. Have fun.


no they are not new but  if you are having issues... try these stats..

950 health 950 action 1100 mind and everything else 400

Written by Do Smeets

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