Sullustans were a species of humanoids that hailed from the planet of Sullust. They had large, mouse-like eyes and two flaps of jowls around their cheeks. They are obviously experts at manufacturing, scientific and technological development, and economics due to the fact that they

single-handedly founded and brought to prosperity the SoroSuub Corporation.


  • Health:  +200
  • Strength:  +0
  • Constitution:  +0
  • Action:  +300
  • Quickness:  +0
  • Stamina:  +0
  • Mind:  +0
  • Focus:  +0
  • Willpower:  +400

Sullustan Species Features

  • Engine Assembly:  +10
  • Booster Assembly:  +10
  • Weapon Systems:  +10
  • Trapping:  +10
  • Creature Harvesting:  +10

Sullustans are jowled, mouse-eared humanoids with large, round eyes. They hail from the planet Sullust, a world allied with the Rebellion during the Galactic Civil War.

Standing 1 to 1.5 meters tall, Sullustans live in vast subterranean caverns beneath the surface of their homeworld. Sullust is a volcanic planet, with a harsh atmosphere. The underground caverns teem with small life-forms that the Sullustans hunt for sources of food and clothing. The few predators that wander the planet's surface rarely venture underground.

Sullustans speak a chattering language and are known throughout the galaxy as capable pilots and navigators. Sullustans have perfect direction sense and memory, allowing them to remember the paths they have traveled, and maps they may have seen. This sense is a necessity in the labyrinthine caves of Sullust. The people of Sullust have achieved a high-level of technology, and their underground cities are popular among traders who visit the cobbled streets and the wide variety of shops.

During the Galactic Civil War, the Sullustans were oppressed by the massive SoroSuub Corporation. The giant pro Empire conglomerate disbanded the Sullustan Council, and ruled the planet, enforcing curfews and loyalty among the populace, and thrusting the Sullustans into a cheerless existence. At that time, fully 50 percent of the planet's population owed their livelihood to SoroSuub.