The Trandoshan species are large, reptilian humanoids. Trandoshans are strong and resilient,

but slightly clumsy and not among the brightest in the galaxy.


  • Health:  +250
  • Strength:  +300
  • Constitution:  +400
  • Action:  +0
  • Quickness:  +0
  • Stamina:  +0
  • Mind:  +0
  • Focus:  +0
  • Willpower:  +100

Trandoshan Species Features

  • Unarmed Accuracy:  +10
  • Unarmed Speed:  +5
  • Unarmed Damage:  +15
  • Melee Defense:  +10
  • Creature Harvesting:  +10
  • Regeneration:  +1

Until recently their irregular feet and hands prevented them from wearing shoes, foot armor and gloves. With a recent update these limititions have been lifted and they can wear all gloves and boots but they won't be visible.

Trandoshans were a large, bipedal sentinent species, with scaly skin which ranged in color from sandy brown to glossy green, which was shed roughly once every standard year and was thought to be very durable. Cold-blooded reptiles, Trandoshans had two super-sensitive varied color eyes with horizontal black pupils, which could see far into the infrared range. Trandoshans could regenerate lost limbs and skin until they reached their Middle Ages around fifty-four standard years. Each of their four limbs ended in three razor sharp claws, which although perfect for combat, they did not grant them manual dexterity, making a Trandoshan's finger movements somewhat clumsy and awkward. Though physically powerful, they were outmatched by their rivals, the Wookiees, in unarmed combat.

Trandoshans usually wore dark clothing, although the species' attire varied. The infamous Trandoshan bounty hunter Bossk was known to wear a yellow flight suit, something worn by several other members of the species. Trandoshan hunters and mercenaries sometimes wore either full body armor or a mixture of armor and cloth garb. Trandoshans also often wore warm jackets and baggy trousers. Their large, scaled feet also meant that it was impossible for them to wear any sort of baseline humanoid footwear, which could present impediment to hunting.

Trandoshans had a lifespan slightly shorter than that of most sentients in the galaxy. Considered younglings until they were eleven standard years old, Trandoshans were thought of as young adults until they reached the age of fifteen, when they became full adults. By thirty five standard years, Trandoshans were middle-aged, and those living past fifty were considered old. Any Trandoshan living over sixty years was thought to be venerable, and were greatly respected by society.