Metropolis, Research Center

-4346, 5059 Naboo

Mayor Ryn

We are a small guild/neutral city named WRATH. We are "Exiles of Gorath".

Highlights Close to Theed with instaport to Coronet. Close to other player cities (The Citadel of The Republic, Perdition, Draconia

We have: shuttle, bank, cloning center, garage, cantina, medical center

Mission terminals: Regular missions, bounty hunter, Imperial and Rebel.

We have in house entertainer/image designer (Sakeyah) for all your buffing & make-over needs. 2 Master Doctors (Benzine & Jenji) for buffing. We have a mini mall with vendors Ryn's Fashions, RyderDie Vehicles, Entertainer Essentials, Camping & Fishing Equipment, Furniture & Decor, Loot and more soon!

The fashion showroom is new to the city, Ryn is tailor and the showroom is next to the mini mall. Displaying "famous" Star Wars costumes from the movies from the past to most recent Force Awakens. As well as non famous costumes.

We welcome everyone to visit us! And if you're from Gorath, come say hi!

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